InSight Clairvoyance: Get Answers & Heal Yourself!

Rev. Peggy Beck (Owner) is an Ordained Minister,  trained and licensed
reader and teacher of clairvoyance (a psychic ability of 'second sight').

By seeing where a client is "unable to get their own answers"  ...  Peggy
can communicate with You (as a Spirit) and see what messages You have
been trying to get your physical body and mind to hear, understand ... and

"What would a reading be like?"  

Readings range from:

  • light, fun and informational (for people doing well but are curious)
  • deep healing of wounds/fears (for people in a difficult 'growth period')
  • release of grief, blame, judgement

           and everything in between!   
"What is clairvoyance??"  

Clairvoyance means 'clear seeing'; it is the psychic ability to use the human  
body's 'third eye'.

It is a God-given gift to every human being!    (If you have a human body,   
you have a clairvoyant ability!
)  It is your ability to visualize; to imagine; to  
create a mental image picture;   and to 'see clearly' how you are affected in    
life.    Once you 'see clear' you can decide if you want to change how you are  
affected and what you are unhappy about!    Clairvoyance is awesome!

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